Thursday, January 15, 2009


Goalies are different - a puzzling group of unique athletes who form an almost secret society. A goalie knows he is the last line of defense, often the final person standing between victory and defeat, often blamed when the puck got inside the net but not given enough credits when the team won.
Chris Osgood is one of the brave masked men who guard the net for the Detroit Red Wings, stopping slapshots travelling 100 mph. Need proof that Osgood is So-Good? How about two Stanley Cup Championships?
Goalies such as Terry Sawchuk, Patrick Roy, Ed Belfour are known for being a little wacky. Goaltenders have always been special hockey players. And they are accentric, superstitious and do peculiar things. After all, only a brave man would stand between the posts, get ready to greet those bone-cracking slapshots and try to stop the icy puck with his body.
The last goalie to play without a mask was Andy Brown in 1974.

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