Friday, April 24, 2009


I was about to delete the above blurry photo but I thought it would go well with the other photos, especially the bottom photo on the jumbotron, "Beat Vancouver" when the Blues trying to get the fans pump up at Game 3 on Sunday, April 19th. How ironic that the Blues got eliminated and swept in the first round after such strong come back to make it into the playoffs. I wonder what those Blues fans who tried to torment me after the April 2nd game when the Red Wings loss badly to the Blues, how do they feel right now? These people already predicted that the Blues would meet and eliminated the Wings in Round 1 of the playoffs! Guess what, last night on Columbus home ice, my beloved Red Wings won Game 4 and swept the Blue Jackets with a goal from Franzen "the Mule" at 48.9 seconds left in the game.
I wanted so bad to send out a message, "Tickets for the Blues game on Sunday, April 26th, anyone interested?" to those who hated my Red Wings for a reason, "because the Wings always win", get over it losers! But just for this time, I will be a nice guy and let the Blues and their fans mourn in peace!

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