Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I have gotten the Playoffs Fever way before April 15th. I was so ready for the long excruciating, yet thrilling of seeing teams being eliminated or swept in each Round. It was the best time of the year when hockey fanatics like me really live the hockey life.

As most of the Teams have asked me not to show my support because I was known around NHL rinks that I would "jinx" any teams if I was to cheer for them. So here is what happened in Round 1 and my thoughts, disappointments and of course, celebration as my beloved Red Wings moved on to Round 2.

Western Conference -

Wings swept Blue Jackets - no surprise there.

Canucks swept St. Louis Blues - I felt bad for the Blues but more for the City as we really need the economic boost if the Team at least make it to another Round. I am happy that the Canucks advanced to Round 2. Canucks is not one of the Original Six but it is a Canadian Team.

Blackhawks eliminated Calgary Flames in 6 games - I cheered for the Flames because I wanted Canadian Teams in the Playoffs.

Ducks swept Sharks - no lost love there, I did not care for either Teams. Besides I knew the Sharks gotten the curse of the President's Trophy for being the best team in the league. This is not the first time the Best Team got swept or eliminated from the First Round.

Eastern Conference -
Boston Bruins swept Montreal Canadiens - I was heart-broken because if I had to choose between two Original Six teams, I would choose Canadiens to advance in the Playoffs. Also because Montreal is Canadian Team.

Penguins eliminated Flyers in 6 games - it was an exciting series with the Flyers came back strong but was not enough to win. Of course, I cheered for the Penguins because of Dan Bylsma, even though Martin Biron has much pretty eyes compared to Fleury :)

Game 7 - Carolina Hurricanes eliminated Devils in a out-of-this-world - the last 80 seconds in the 3rd period of game 7 - how much more nail-biting, on-the-edge-of-your-seat would a hockey fanatic like me could ask for? I felt sorry for Martin Brodeur, must be hard for him to think about this game for many years to come.
I was disappointed because I was looking forward to the Devils meeting the Rangers in Round 2. Besides, Carolina is Barney Fife and Gomer Pyle country, not playoffs hockey!

Rangers v. Capitals - this is my give-me-a-box of Kleenex series. How could the Rangers allow a two game lead, then won the 3rd game and could not finish up the Caps. I was so sick after watching the Rangers falling apart in the 3rd period that I went to bed, crying with a thick towel to soak up all my tears!

Well, that is a long and grueling, painful life a hockey fan has to live until June when only one team will raise the Stanley Cup in celebration of being a Champion. And then there are 8!

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