Monday, May 4, 2009


If you are hockey fanatics like me, you would know what I am about to write with this title "And then only three still standing". It, of course, was about the three of the Original Six teams, Detroit Red Wings, Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks are (were) still fighting for their advance in the playoffs. (I started this post on May 4th but could not finish it, for two reasons, I was in NYC spending quality time with my family and also because I did not want to be blamed for making any predictions or writing about my cheering for certain teams.)
Toronto Maple Leafs - It was almost a lost cause that the Leafs did not even make it into the Playoffs, again.

Round 1 - Both my Hometown New York Rangers (lost in Game 7 against Washington Capitals) and the Montreal Canadiens (Swept by Boston Bruins) were eliminated.

Only three Original Six Teams were still standing - my beloved Detroit Red Wings, Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks.

After the Hawks eliminated the Flames, I secretly cheered for the Canucks as it was the only Canadian team advanced to Round 2 of the Playoffs. I must admit, of all the Original Six Teams, I don't care much for the Hawks. Sadly, the Canucks did not make it past Game 6.

Currently, it is all old news as the Bruins lost to Carolina Hurricanes in Game 7 on Thursday (May 14th). It was an exciting game with Eric Staal scoring the winning goal.

My Red Wings kicked the "little Duckies" butts at the Joe in a heart-stopping, breath-holding Game 7 and now ready for a great match-up against the Hawks.

And then, only TWO still standing - - - GO WINGS!!!!!!!

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