Sunday, May 10, 2009


I was in NYC during the first week of May and walked around the city wearing my Red Wings shirt, without being beaten by some New York Rangers fans since the Rangers (or New Jersey Devils) did not advance onto Round 2.
Here I am with my "a day late and a dollar short" summary of Round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs -

Western Conference -

Detroit Red Wings v. Anaheim Ducks - It was a tough Series but my Red Wings kicked the "little Duckies" butts back to California. I paced around the house and could not sit still watching Game 7 on Thursday, May 14th. It was a nail-biting and thrilling game, down to the finally 3 minutes when the Ducks' goalie put the puck into his own net, giving the Wings 4-3 victory, perhaps thanks to Dan Cleary kept poking at it :) causing the goalie's right pad to push to puck toward the back of the net.

Chicago Blackhawks v. Vancouver Canucks - It was a sad day in Canada when the hope of bringing the Cup home evaporated with each seconds ticking.

Eastern Conference -

Boston Bruins v. Carolina Hurricanes - If I had to choose, I would prefer the Bruins to win this Series because (for the same reason) the Bruins is the Original Six team and it did not feel right that Carolina would even have a hockey team.

Pittsburgh Penguins v. Washington Capitals - I was happy when the Pens defeated the Caps in Game 7. It was a surprise victory considering how strong the Caps played in Game 4 and 5, but the Pens came back, dominated the deciding game from the beginning. Also Ovechkin started to get on my nerve with his childish behavior. Congratulations to coach Bylsma for another great job!
And then there are four!!!!!

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